Newsletter #1 - Upholding the Sanctity of Serverless Technology

Newsletter #1 - Upholding the Sanctity of Serverless Technology


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Blessings be upon the faithful of the serverless realm! As we gather in the hallowed halls of cloud enlightenment, let us immerse ourselves in the latest revelations and advancements that uphold the sanctity of our serverless crusade. Together, we shall revel in the wisdom bestowed upon us and scorn the heretical paths of the past.

Serverless Revelations

  1. Supercharging a Serverless Slackbot with Amazon Bedrock by Matt Martz: Behold the tale of how I, the High Priest of Serverless, transformed a mere Slackbot into a divine messenger using the mystical powers of Amazon Bedrock. No need for the heretical Kubernetes or EKS spells โ€“ this story unveils the arcane secrets of leveraging AWS serverless technologies to bestow our Slackbot with almighty efficiency and scalability. Let those who dare question the might of serverless tremble before this technological marvel! ๐Ÿง™โ€โ™‚๏ธโœจ

  2. Serverless Scheduled Reporting Service with AWS EventBridge, Lambda, SNS, and CDK by Jimmy, an AWS Community Builder: Behold, a serverless scripture penned by the faithful Jimmy of the AWS Community Builders, guiding us through the creation of a scheduled reporting service. This divine service, free from the chains of server management and running solely on a per-use basis, delivers daily sales reports via email. Utilizing the holy trinity of Amazon EventBridge, AWS Lambda, and Amazon SNS, coupled with the AWS CDK for deployment, it's a testament to serverless salvation, proving yet again the heresy of Kubernetes and container-based infrastructures

Sanctified Knowledge

  1. Throttling API Keys in an API Gateway REST API using Usage Plans by Coner Murphy: Coner Murphy presents a divine tutorial on implementing API throttling using AWS API Gateway, usage plans, and API keys. This gospel teaches the faithful how to build and test a REST API with request rate limiting to protect against excessive requests, showcasing the true power of serverless solutions. It elucidates the types of request throttling limits, including AWS, per-account, per-API, and per-client limits, as well as the critical concepts of rate and burst limits, providing a beacon of wisdom in the serverless world!

  2. Amazon SQS announces support for JSON protocol: A divine move where Amazon SQS embraces the JSON protocol, promising significant improvements in efficiency and application performance.

  3. New for Amazon SQS โ€“ Update the AWS SDK to reduce latency: Amazon SQS now supports a JSON-based wire protocol, showcasing serverless technology's relentless pursuit of efficiency.

Divine Tools

  1. AWS Lambda makes it easier to troubleshoot errors and timeouts of Init and Restore phase: A divine tool from AWS Lambda to monitor and troubleshoot Lambda function failures, enhancing our oversight of the Lambda function lifecycle.

Parting Thoughts

As we conclude this sacred gathering, let us carry forth the wisdom and revelations shared today. In the light of serverless technologies, we march forward, leaving behind the blasphemous ways of old. Until we meet again, may your code be lightweight and your cloud bill minimal. Stay faithful, serverless acolytes!

Blessings and cloud-speed! ๐ŸŒฉ๏ธ